About Black Creek The Black Creek Experience

Beautiful Black Creek winds its way through the center of the Desoto National Forest. The creek is the central force behind what has been called "The Black Creek Experience." For some, this experience may be canoeing down the creek, camping on sandbars, or enjoying the camaraderie of family or friends.

Great summer fun...For others it is the opportunity to get away from the" rat race" - hiking and camping in the wilderness, communing with nature, and enjoying the scenery.

Anglers enjoy quiet spots along the creek to fish for red bellies, bass, catfish, and bream.

The waters of Black Creek are clear but have a brownish tint due to tannic acid from decaying leaves of trees that border the stream. Magnolia trees and wild azaleas are plentiful.

It is not uncommon to see deer, wild turkey, squirrels, ducks, owls, great blue herons, and beavers along the stream.

Free floating time averages about 1 mile per hour depending on the season and rainfall. Floaters can easily estimate travel time so as to allow themselves those few extra minutes at a productive fishing hole or for a lazy picnic on a sandbar.

The Black ranges in width from 20-100 feet and from a few inches to 20 feet deep. The 21 miles of Black Creek from Moody's Landing to Fairley Bridge has been designated a National Wild and Scenic Stream.

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