Our Policy Rules of the Creek

Creek Fun We want your Black Creek Experience to be a safe and happy one. We ask our guests to use common sense and good manners while on the Creek. Although much of the Creek flows through the National Forest, some of the property is privately owned. Please respect the property rights of the landowners. Place all litter in a litter bag and keep in the canoe until the end of the trip.

Lifevests are provided and we recommend that you wear them. Mississippi law requires children under 12 years of age to WEAR the life vests while in a moving boat.

If canoes, paddles, or life vests are lost or damaged beyond the normal wear and tear; you will be expected to pay the repair or replacement expense.

We are not responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly in the use of rented canoes, kayaks, or other equipment.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Just follow the rules of common courtesy and safety - your experience is sure to be enjoyable!

Brandon & Susie Pearce

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