Brooklyn, Mississippi

Local Information

Brooklyn, MS Population: 2,756

Brooklyn, Mississippi is a small town with a lot of heart. With a population of over 2,000 people, Brooklyn is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But don’t let its size fool you—Brooklyn has a lot to offer, from its rich history to its vibrant present. 

Located in Brooklyn, Black Creek Canoe Rental is Black Creek’s oldest and most experienced outfitter.

Not only do we offer rentals, we offer you 6 different trip options to experience as well!

We have gathered local information you may need for your visit to Brooklyn, MS all on one page, for your convenience .


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When it comes to finding a place to stay while you’re in Brooklyn, MS visiting Black Creek, we have you covered. Below is our recommended accommodations for your visit.

Cabins & Campground

Paul B. Johnson State Park

Hattiesburg, MS

Hwy 49

(601) 582-7721

Distance from Black Creek Canoe Rental

6 Miles North

Little Black Creek Campground & Park

Purvis, MS

(601) 794-2957

Distance from Black Creek Canoe Rental

20-25 Miles West

Flint Creek Water Park

Wiggins, MS

(601) 928-3051

Distance from Black Creek Canoe Rental

18 Miles South


Hampton Inn & Suites

1121 E Frontage Dr

Wiggins, MS  39577

(601) 528-5255

Distance from Black Creek Canoe Rental

15 Miles South

Hilton Garden Inn

133 Plaza Drive

Hattiesburg, MS  39402

(601) 261-3770 

(ask for Black Creek Canoe discount)

Distance from Black Creek Canoe Rental

20 Miles North

Bed and Breakfast

Creekland Farms Bed and Breakfast


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Distance from Black Creek Canoe Rental

10 Miles

Water Level Information

Below you will find the water level information for Black Creek.

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